Butch Rawlins


Back 2 Back Texas Country

Larry Austin

Butch Rawlins & Larry Austin


In 2004, a seemingly small miracle occurred. Butch and Larry met, and Rawstin was born: RAWlins and AusTIN. You need only three things to fall in love with these two…”two ears and one heart.” There is chemistry, electricity, charisma…it doesn’t matter what you call it because you can feel it when the two hit the stage together. Utilizing their unique singing styles and sharing their spontaneous humor on stage has been pleasing large crowds of country music fans. Their first release together, Back 2 Back Texas Country, is full of their unique brand of music. A mixture of traditional, cowboy, outlaw, and swing country music, their songs will touch many hearts. Texas will never be able to hold these two for long. Soon they will be known the world over and performing for fans everywhere. They are on a big mission: shooting for the moon. The worst that can happen is that they will land somewhere out there among the stars!