9/27/19 Fri CASSIDY’S NIGHTCLUB @ 8pm

9/27/19 Friday night CASSIDY’S NIGHTCLUB, 2540 Meachum Blvd., Ft. Worth, Tx 817-625-9911 What a fun venue this is going to be!! Great dance floor plenty of room for you to twirl around or shuffle across the floor!! We like to keep our “family” comfy and we do all we can to accommodate you!! Because you are the ones that make any venue a success. Don’t ever think we take you for granted!! This nightclub has been around for awhile, so knows how to treat their customers. The food is fantastic, seating to make everyone comfortable, lights, air, awesome drinks, great service… what more could you ask for!! Oh yah, the entertainment … that would be Butch, Larry, & Mitch  RAWSTIN to keep you hopping on the dance floor!!! DJ XL will be rockin’ the floor with some dance tunes as well!! Come on out Friday, Sept 27th and be part of the fun!